Edai 600 part 2 download

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Edai 600 part 2

Name: Edai 600 part 2

File size: 271mb

Upload: 26.5.2014

Language: English

Rating: 9/10

File format: RAR



You can download edai 600 part 2 on the site valentinohesse.com

We'll have things fixed soon. Edai] If it's 'bout my squad, I can tell you don't want no parts They killed my bro, now these niggas done got me charged Can't swim with the squad, all my lil niggas, they sharks I tell 'em go hard, let 'em spark, broad day or the dark Nigga be smart, you can get killed, no prob Can't let a nigga pull my card You can act hard, have a nigga leave you stretched Have Rondo finish that job It ain't hard, bein' a real nigga that's hard Do anything for the squad Take that charge, a lot of these niggas ain't real Won't break bread then he a fraud [Chorus:

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